About Us

Step into the world of ShopFloor Coffee, where the art of brewing meets the power of giving back. Hold onto your hard hats, 'cause we're not your everyday coffee company – we're here to whip up a concoction of caffeine and community support that'll knock your steel-toed socks off.

Brewing a Brighter Future with Every Sip

Our journey at ShopFloor Coffee, isn't your typical coffee tale. Amy Teal, the brains behind this caffeinated revolution, isn't alone in this mission. She's joined by a co-founder who's no stranger to the manufacturing scene – an industry influencer with a passion for making the manufacturing industry shine like a freshly polished wrench. Together, they spotted the gaps in the workforce landscape big enough to drive a forklift through. Their brainstorm? To brew coffee that's not only smooth for your taste buds but also smooths the path for future skilled workers. Amy's dishing out a blend that's more than meets the eye – it's a call to arms for industries, a rally for ambitions, and a caffeinated salute to dreams.

Crafting Coffee with a Side of Empowerment

But wait for it, because we're not just pumping out coffee – we're pumping lifeblood into local tech and trade schools. Every time you snag a bag of ShopFloor Coffee, a portion of the bounty gets funneled into our initiative. We're talking about the institutions where future machinists, engineers, and trade masters are honing their craft. With every sip, you're brewing a future workforce that's more capable than a Swiss Army knife.

From Beans to Dreams: Our Ethical Coffee Journey

Now, let's chat beans. Our coffee beans are sourced so meticulously, they're basically under 24-hour surveillance. Fair treatment for the coffee-growing champs and communities? It's a non-negotiable. With each gulp of ShopFloor Coffee, you're not just having a coffee moment, you're putting your money where your mug is – right into the pockets of the communities that fuel our bean bonanza.

Join the Coffee Crusade: Be Part of the Story

Attention, all coffee crusaders and change-makers, you're cordially invited to jump on this caffeine-powered bandwagon. This isn't your regular coffee cult – it's a place where coffee camaraderie and dreams unite. Find us on social media, sip our flavorful concoctions, and witness firsthand how your caffeine fix is helping local tech and trade schools shape the workforce of tomorrow. Together, we're not just sipping coffee; we're fueling futures.

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